ACLU Actually Fights Trump Supporter, Scores Court Win Against Her Biden Neighbors

The ACLU hasn’t exactly been a “friend” to all Americans lately.


As a matter of fact, they got really “woke” after President Trump was elected, and petty much turned into yet another Democrat “SuperPac.”

So, when I saw this story, I was shocked.

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The ACLU actually went to bat and fought for a Trump supporter who found herself in court after her Biden-loving neighbors complained about her pro-Trump/ani-Biden signs.

The ACLU stepped in and actually helped her secure a victory.


Daily Mail reported that a New Jersey woman has won an appeal to keep her ‘F**k Biden’  banner just over a week after a local judge ordered her to remove them or face a $250-a-day fine.

Andrea Dick, 54, hung 10 pro-Trump signs on her Roselle Park home, where she lives with her mom, that included the former president extending two middle fingers over the words ‘F**k Biden’.

Early last week, Municipal Court Judge Gary Bundy ordered Dick to take down three of the 10 signs or face a daily fine of $250 because they violated local public obscenity laws.

But Judge Bundy’s ruling was vacated by the state’s Supreme Court on Tuesday after the ACLU got involved and warned that Bundy’s edict violated Dick’s First Amendment right to freedom of speech.

The civil liberties organization challenged the original ruling, with New Jersey’s Supreme Court agreeing.


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Wow. Miracles will never cease.


That’s a little bright spot of hopeful news from a really partisan hack organization…and bonus, you know that woman’s liberal neighbors are still livid.

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