Americans Donate to Veterans Group Still Working to Get Military Dogs Left Behind Out of Kabul 

Joe Biden disgraced America, the military, and himself today, when he cowardly left Afghanistan, leaving behind an unknown number of Americans, and a whole slew of service dogs.


A group called “Veteran Sheepdogs of Colorado” is on the ground in Kabul as we speak rescuing the dogs.

Here are the latest tweets from the group:

“UPDATE: The 51 working dogs are being watered and fed by a contractor and an Afghan refugee family we are rescuing. They are safe. Working on last minute details in complete chaos of Kabul.”

“UPDATE!!!! Our efforts of rescuing has expanded to 46 military working & now we are coordinating with our contacts & flights to get the dogs and rescue people out of Kabul on same plane. Thank you for all your help! This is a mess! ”

I donated to help them, as are countless other Americans.


Please, if you want to help these service dogs get out, you can go HERE and donate.

No amount is too small to help our helpless canine friends.

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