Babylon Bee Hits A Little Too Close Home With This Very Savage “Jab” At Joe Biden

I don’t need to tell you that the situation in Afghanistan is a disaster of biblical proportions.


You see it, the world sees it – and by the most recent polling numbers, Americans know exactly who to blame.

Joe Biden.

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As CNN just reported yesterday, Joe Biden, in an astonishing historic moment, dropped an eye-popping 24 polling points on his handling of Afghanistan.

“Biden’s average approval rating on Afghanistan stands at a mere 34% today. You rarely see anything close to a 24-point drop on a president’s handling of an issue in such a short period of time.”

It’s literally never happened before – to see a “president” fall so hard, and so fast on one issue.

And what Joe’s dealing with now is 100 percent deserving of the crappy, mentally-deranged job he’s done in Afghanistan.

You don’t pull out all your troops, close your secure airbase, release ISIS prisoners, arm the Taliban, AND THEN try and evacuate people.

Any idiot should know this.


But apparently, the idiot occupying the White House doesn’t know this and that’s why so many Americans blame Joe Biden for the deaths of those soldiers and all those people at the airport.

Do you blame them?

How can you, after this disaster?

Well, the Babylon Bee, a satirical site that is always good for a laugh, went after Biden, with a pretty savage piece, that called him out point-blank for killing our troops.

Take a look:

“Biden Drone Strikes White House After Vowing To Kill Those Reponsible For American Military Deaths In Kabul”

Joe Biden has accomplished nothing for the American people.

Our southern border is a disaster, COVID nightmare is raging on with no end in sight, gas prices are soaring because he ended our energy independence, inflation is sky-high, we’re not only a laughing stock all over the world, now we’re imbeciles and getting people our own people killed and foreigners too.


And while this is all happening, we’re sitting here watching a man who appears to have full-blown Alzheimer’s or Dementia, ramble, get confused, stammer, and mumble his way through the day without a care in his warped, privileged world.

It’s utterly shameful what is happening not only to this country but to the world under the senile unwatchful eye of Joe Biden.

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