Berruguete’s Mystical Wood Sculptures, in Dallas

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE T his week, Alonso Berruguete: First Sculptor of Renaissance Spain ends at the Meadows Museum, Southern Methodist University’s superb art gallery. Berruguete (1488–1561), though enigmatic on many fronts, is pivotal in the history of Spanish art, but he’s mostly unknown here.

In a few words, Berruguete brought the aesthetics of the Italian Renaissance to Spain.

When I read about this exhibition, I thought “impossible to do.” I knew enough about Berruguete to understand that some of his best and most indicative work — tombs, big altarpieces, and choir stalls — was fixed to church architecture. I was wrong — lots of his best

(Museo Nacional de Escultura, Valladolid, CE0271/013. Image © Museo Nacional de Escultura, Valladolid; photo by Javier Muñoz and Paz Pastor.)

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