CEO of Social Media Platform “Gab” Just Posted a Very Cryptic Message…

There’s a lot going on right now, ad many people feel shellshocked at the recent movements from Big Tech.


As you likely know by now, President Trump has been de-platformed by pretty much everyone under the sun.

The latest one was Pinterest…I can’t imagine that Trump would be using Pinterest a lot, but this is typical of the leftist cancel culture, everyone piles on and hops on board.

So, what’s to happen now?

We hear that Google removed the Parler app from their store, as did Android. We also hear Apple is poised to make that same move if they haven’t already.

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Last night a representative of Parler was on Tucker’s show and said that their hosting website may also pull their service and if that happens the entire site will go down.

Very scary and crazy times unfolding right now, and many people have a lot of questions.

But some of those questions might be answered from a rather cryptic tweet from the CEO of social media platform Gab.

Here’s what Andrew Torba said: “Have a big call with someone very special today. Please say a prayer.”

Here’s what Mr. Torba said on his own platform. Seems like he’s really ramping up, right?

Many people believe that it’s the president who he will be speaking with since POTUS recently mentioned that he was looking to start his own social media.

And if this is true, the reason why DJT might be interested in Gab, over Parler, is that Gab has their own servers and app -they are completely self-sufficient and are not reliant on Big Tech whatsoever. They can’t be “canceled.”

They also have a “user-friendly” interface.

My guess is that POTUS would look to combine the two – Gab and Parler. But I’m just speculating.



We’ll see what happens as this plays out, but it looks like there may be something in the works.

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