Conservative Writer Matt Walsh Just Cracked the Code On DC Protest

What happened in DC on January 6th was unfortunate. And I say that because it’s too bad that Americans are so fed up with their government and feel so disenfranchised that they’re getting desperate and lashing out. It’s sad that it’s come to this.


It really didn’t have to be this way. Honesty and transparency could have quelled a lot of the angst that people feel right now.

From the lockdowns to the elections, millions of Americans feel like their voices don’t matter and they’re not being heard…and when that happens, uprisings and protests take place. It’s human nature, we see it all the time with all sorts of people.

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Our officials and media should have all acknowledged that people felt disenfranchised by the 2020 vote instead of dismissing people as “kooks” or “Russian bots.” The same goes with the lockdowns – the so-called experts have been all over the map on this virus and then elected officials are out eating at French Laundry and getting their hair done, while people see their livelihoods slipping away.

Of course, Americans are going to be frustrated and angry.

And the gathering in DC was a result of that frustration.

After all, we were told all summer long that the BLM riots were happening because people were “frustrated.” I didn’t agree with why they were frustrated, but I did agree that they were pissed and lashing out for “reasons” they believed were true.

Somehow that frustration is okay by the media and politicians’ standards, but millions upon millions of Americans who are upset and concerned over the 2020 elections do not?

That’s the message that was sent and received to Americans and they were – rightfully angry and fed up. Surely, even those who don’t agree with them, can at least understand this simple point?

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All summer long we watched sieges take over American cities. Apparently, it’s okay to take over a city, a police station, and burn down businesses, but how dare you “terrorists” smash windows at the “sacred” holy Capitol.

All I’m saying is there’s been a lot of mixed messages flying – and that’s where conservative blogger Matt Walsh comes in.

He really saw through the media fog and hyperbole and nailed what happened and the angst people feel about it perfectly.

Here’s what he said: “We are being told that it is far worse to smash the windows where politicians work than it is to burn down the buildings where your neighbors work. I find this logic to be not only wrong but obscene.”

This nation is broken. And it’s not broken because of Americans — it’s broken because of our government – and yes, the GOP has their fair share of blame too.


We’re witnessing a very “Let Them Eat Cake” type attitude from our politicians right now, and it’s not sitting well with the lowly peasants.


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