Creative Trump Supporter Just “Fixed” AOC’s Met Galla Dress and It’s Gone Viral…I Think You’ll Love It Now

Last night the snooty and elitist Met Gala event took place in New York City.


It was a who’s who of filthy rich, mask-free elites wearing “activist gowns” promoting women’s rights and vilifying the rich.

That’s right, attendees of an event that charges $35K per plate were chastising the rich…You just can’t get any dumber than that, can you?

And leading the hypocritical parade was none other than former bartender AOC, who wore a white gown with “Tax the Rich” written on it in red letters.

It looked like a Chick-fil-A bag.

Take a look at what Don Jr. had to say about AOC’s ridiculous costume.

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“What makes @AOC a bigger fraud: The “tax the rich” dress while she’s hanging out with a bunch of wealthy leftwing elites or the lack of masks after spending the past 18 months as one of the biggest authoritarian mask Karens in the country?”

Yes, AOC is a hypocrite, as is every Democrat, but they really don’t care about that, all they care about is power and pandering to their low-info base.

So, pointing out their hypocrisy is really pointless.

It’s best to just mock them…because there’s nothing the elites hate more than being mocked and not taken seriously.


And that’s precisely what one very creative Trump supporter just did.

He re-designed AOC’s dress, and I think you’re gonna love his version.

Take a look:

Now that’s a dress and a message I can really get behind!


The redesign has gotten a lot of attention and went mega-viral.

Let’s hope AOC sees it.

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