Department of Defense Posts “PR Photo” From Afghanistan, But One Trump Supporter Quickly Noticed a Problem…

Our military is a laughing stock.


Remember when the Marines got into a lame Twitter argument with Tucker Carlson and called him a “boomer?”


This is what happens when you have clueless millennials running your social media for you. I’m sorry if that offends any “millennials,” please be advised, I happen to have a millennial daughter, so nothing personal.

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In addition, we also have active US generals online all the time being “woke” and “progressive.” It’s stomach-turning.

But, if you thought that was as low as it could go, I have news for you…

The Department of Defense decided they needed some “feel good” PR points to combat the disaster happening in Afghanistan, so they posted a photo that supposedly shows Afghan civilians calmly boarding a “US C-17 aircraft.”

What a lovely “PR” photo right?


Well, not so fast…

As one very savvy Trump supporter noted, that’s not a US C-17.


Buzz Patterson, who’s a conservative candidate for the House out of California, noted that the plane the Department of Defense was showing was not even from the United States.

Here is the response from Buzz Patterson, who says, “That’s not a @usairforce
C-17, @DeptofDefense. Wrong country. Glad to know you guys are in command of the situation.”

Here’s a screenshot of that tweet in case the DoD wise up and delete this humiliating tweet.

Here are some of the comments from folks online:

“You’re so desperate for PR that you posted a picture of a plane that isn’t ours”

“That’s not a USAF C-17, it’s a UAE C-17. No wonder this evacuation is a sh*t-show…the DoD can’t even tell the difference between the USAF and the UAE.”

“Didn’t think someone would notice??? This is a UAE C-17!!! Match the Flags…”

“What an utter embarrassment. That’s NOT a USAF C-17.”

“You guys are trying so hard for a good PR moment. It’s not a US plane.”

Some liberals online are crying about it and saying, “Well, the US military sold it to UAE, so it’s still a US plane.”

Ha ha ha, nice try liberals, but that’s not how this works.

Besides, it would be Boeing who sold it.


It’s really a shame what’s become of our military, and it’s not the boots on the ground, it’s the pencil-pushers and the upper brass who are just turning the Military into a “woke joke.”

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