Don Jr. So Angry Over Dr. Fauci’s Latest Mask Update, That He Just Dropped an “F-Bomb” on Him…

The entire COVID situation is a convoluted mess.


Prior to the election, we had Joe and Kamala and the media running around pooh-poohing “Tump’s vaccine” and making it sound as if it wasn’t safe to take.

After Joe and Kamala were installed, they changed their tune about the vaccine, but they still sent a confusing message.

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We watched for months as a supposedly “vaccinated” Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were running around the globe telling everyone how geat the vaccine works while they had a mask on.

Americans were scratching their heads. If the vaccine works so well, why were these two masked-up and social distancing still?

It was terrible and confusing messaging, so it’s no wonder that Americans were left wondering what the heck was going on.

And of course, the vaccine numbers dipped…and instead of admitting that they were off with the messaging, the WH instead comes out and blames “right-wing disinformation” for the low Vax numbers.

And when COVID numbers went up, they didn’t blame the hordes of people flooding into our country across the border, who are being placed into our neighborhoods.


They blamed us.


And now, that little worm Dr. Fauci is back, and excited to deliver more bad news – he’s now saying that the CDC will likely be forcing vaccinated people to wear masks again in public.

In other words, all the mask mandates and social distancing and probably lockdowns eventually, will be coming back.

And Don Jr. has officially had enough.

He took to Twitter where he sounded off on Fauci, and he was so angry, that he dropped a well-placed and well-deserved F-bomb on his head.

Take a look: “BECAUSE SCIENCE!!! In response, I’m going to choose my words very carefully here… F*ck You!”

Don Jr. is right and I know he speaks for a lot of people right now.

Joe Biden has made a complete and total mess of this COVID situation.


His mishandling, misinformation, and his overall mental decline have led so many people to not trust what we’re seeing or hearing coming out of the White House.

This situation isn’t the American people’s fault – it’s Joe Biden and our government’s fault – and our media has also made it worse.

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