Gut-Check Time for New York City

When Delta comes, are New Yorkers finally going to live up to our reputation for toughness, or are we going to curl into a fetal position again?

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE M onday, September 13, was a landmark day for New York City: The city schools reopened, with mandatory in-person instruction, and the subways and sidewalks were the busiest they’ve been since the Before Times. Meanwhile, four of Broadway’s tentpole shows were to reopen the following day, giving fans of Hamilton, The Lion King, Wicked, and Chicago their first chance to see these offerings since March of 2020.

Restaurants and bars, which by city mandate are now required to ensure that all adult patrons are vaccinated, are going strong. Real-estate salesmen tell me that, though there was a mass exodus last spring, especially

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