Leo Terrell Just Took On Unhinged Nutjob Geraldo Rivera

Geraldo Rivera needs to stop pretending at this point that he’s a conservative.


He just released a statement against President Trump and his supporters that’s filled with hate and vitriol, but still tries to claim that the president is his “close friend.”

Check out his statement here:

From Fox 8

“I was absolutely horrified by what I saw. I saw insurrection, I saw a mob incited by the president of the United States,” said Rivera. “It was one of the most depressing, alarming sights I’ve ever seen. The language he used was so incendiary. He’s been a friend of mine for many, many years. I supported him very strongly. But to watch what happened yesterday was appalling, it was anti-Democratic. It was something I hope never to see again.”

A violent pro-Trump mob stormed the Capitol Wednesday following a rally where Trump spoke and as lawmakers were meeting to confirm Joe Biden’s presidential win. A woman was shot and killed by police, and three others died in apparent medical emergencies.

Rivera reflected on how Capitol Hill police handled the situation. Many lawmakers and other officials say they were grossly unprepared for Wednesday’s riots.

“I think everyone was stunned by what happened,” said Rivera. “And you have to remember, to give them a little slack, there has never been a situation where the actual instigator of the riot was the commander in chief. Nobody anticipated that our own president, the 45th president of the United States would unleash on the center of government, a mob. I mean what is this? Ancient Rome? It was so gut-wrenching.”

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He’s such an unbelievable phony.

Well Leo Terrell just put Rivera in his place with this brilliant tweet.


Trump indeed has many enemies surrounding him and sadly, a good deal of them are ones claiming to be his “friend.”

Just goes to show you can’t trust anyone in the media or politics.

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