Nat Security Journo Reports Sources on Ground Telling Her Americans Being Physically “Beaten” by Taliban Forces

According to national security journalist and former NPR reporter Sasha Ingber, the stories Biden admin is telling about “safe passage” for Americans in Afghanistan are a fairy tale.


Her sources on the ground are telling her that some Americans who are holding US passports are being repeatedly beaten by Taliban forces.

This contradicts what Biden admin is telling us – with Joe Biden go so far as to “praise” the Taliban for “helping” Americans get to safety during an interview with ABC News.

“Biden grateful to the Taliban: “I’m not sure I would’ve predicted, George, nor would you or anyone else, that when we decided to leave, that they’d provide safe passage for Americans to get out.”

Sasha says her sources are telling a totally different story.

Here’s what she said: “A source tells me, “Situation [in Afghanistan] is rapidly deteriorating… We’ve had Americans get beaten throughout the night.” One of them, an American woman, was beaten “twice” even though she was carrying a U.S. passport.

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“Yesterday @PentagonPresSec said Americans are not being impeded as they travel to the Kabul airport, no Americans harmed. The Taliban agreed to let them evacuate. What I am hearing suggests otherwise. Americans have been injured and stopped from boarding planes.”

Her reporting is backed up by a CNBC report that states the Taliban – a bloodthirsty terror group – is “breaking” their “promises.”

Gee, really? Ya don’t say…

Now the question is, are the Taliban physically beating Americans with the weapons that US taxpayers paid for?


Look how much of our equipment and weapons Biden left unsecured and that ended up in the hands of our enemies…this is impeachable.

Why does this senile old buffoon still have a job?

And this was the scene yesterday at the Kabul airport.

Imagine trying to mauver your way through slews of Taliban “checkpoints” just to wind up in a hail of gunfire?

And this could have been prevented since new memos show Biden was warned of this back in July.

The bottom line is that we can’t believe a word that’s coming out of this inept administration’s mouth.

It all sounds like lies and propaganda.


And for anyone out there wondering, THIS is precisely why many Americans don’t trust what they’re saying about the virus and the vaccine.

Can you blame them?

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