New Freeway Overpass Sign Tells Joe Biden Exactly What America Thinks of Him…

America has been plunged into her darkest days, thanks to Joe Biden’s ineptitude, arrogance, and cognitive decline.


The media was able to cover all of this stuff up – for a while – of course, people like you and me could see it plain as day, but a lot of people in the country who are not “dialed-in” to politics may have missed who Joe really is.

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But, over these past 8 months, the veil has been lifted and we can all see exactly what an inept, doddering senile fool he really is.

And that foolishness has now gotten 13 of our service members killed and slews of foreigners inside the Kabul airport in Afghanistan.

That attack is all on Joe Biden. He made the mess, and our young soldiers were sent in to clean it up and they are sitting ducks over there…and now 13 of them are dead.

And Americans can see what’s happening, and they’re mad…pissed off, fed up, and angry as hell.

Biden’s poll numbers, which were so inflated to begin with – have collapsed into a pile of dust.

And now, people are hanging signs on freeway overpasses to let everyone know exactly what they think of bumbling and inept Joe Biden.

This one below was spotted in Florida this morning.


Warning: language

I can’t say that I blame whoever did that.

I too feel so much anger against this buffoon, who, by the way, did not get 81 million legal votes, I am sorry, I just don’t buy it.


If he did, his poll numbers wouldn’t be tanking so fast, because he’d have a built-in base of supporters who would never jump ship.

But that’s not what’s happening. It’s a total and complete collapse.

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