New Pete Buttigieg “Birth Announcement” Photo Has Many People Really Confused

In case you haven’t heard, Mayor Pete and his husband Chasetn have adopted two babies.


But the photo that they’ve chosen to release as a “birth announcement” has many people very confused.

NPR reported that when Pete Buttigieg, the secretary of transportation, announced last month that he and his husband Chasten had become parents, the congratulations were many but the details were few.

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At the time, they expressed their excitement but did not share any additional information about their new child, saying only “the process isn’t done yet.”

Now, the good news has doubled: On Saturday, the Buttigiegs announced they have welcomed not one but two children — a daughter and a son.

“We are delighted to welcome Penelope Rose and Joseph August Buttigieg to our family,” Buttigieg wrote on his personal Twitter account, alongside a black-and-white photo of the couple apparently in a hospital room, each holding a newborn.

Many people didn’t understand what the two men were laying in a hospital bed, with “hospital bracelets” on, holding 2 swaddled newborns.


Are they trying to say the two men gave birth?

What’s the deal with that photo?

Here’s the photo:

Here are some of the comments from folks online:

“Why are these two men in a hospital bed?”

“The hospitals are so full but glad they had time for these two men to have a photo-op with children they did not birth.”

“Which one of them gave birth to the “twins” …science!” 

“It is kind of weird they’d choose that for a photo op. Most hospitals will give the adoptive parents a room to stay in until the birth mother delivers, and since the babies are immediately removed from her care, but the babies still must stay at least 24 hours after birth.”

“Identifying as pregnant moms now. Appropriation of motherhood.”

“The hospitals are so overrun? Why are they taking up a bed?”

“Why are these two twats sitting in a hospital bed? Did they throw the surrogate mom onto the floor?”

“Why are Pete Buttigieg and his husband in a hospital bed as if one of them gave birth? Congrats to them and everything but I do not get the pic.”

“this is strange, because generally the mother gives birth and holds the baby, hence why this bonding moment happens in the bed. “

“We’re they trying to be ironic or are they seriously trying to push the message that men can give birth?” 

“This looks like the same type of junk science they use to push vaccine” 

It’s a strange photo, and the reason it’s so strange is because the left is now pushing this new “birthing person” thing and also trying to say that men can have babies.

This type of photo feels like they’re possibly trying to reinforce that narrative.


This is the lefty’s new take on “science.”

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