Newsmax Delivers “Final Blow” Proving GOP Are Ultimate Traitors

I have said all along that none of this could have happened without GOP, DOJ, and FOX onboard.


We all know what happened, no need to rehash it, but those of you out there who still think the GOP is on “our side” (and yes, there’s a lot of people that still think this way), you might want to take a look at this brilliant Tweet from Newsmax reporter Emerald Robinson, which I think is the “final blow” against the GOP.

And keep in mind when you read this that the GOP – up until now – has been the party of “Voter ID laws.” Yet now, when we need them to be speaking out the most – after two questionable elections, they’re literally quiet as church mice?

The only reason that some of them half-stood up for voters, is because they were brow-beaten into it by angry voters – and they danced around the issue very carefully…even Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz were very careful in how they spoke about the “concerns” that voters had and their “feelings” about 2020.

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It was never about speaking in absolutes. Now, I am not trying to bash the only guys willing to stick their necks out, but perhaps they knew the limits of the “help” they could offer?

Because why on earth wouldn’t the right be screaming from the rooftops about going back to paper ballots?

Why aren’t these GOP officials storming the castle and ripping these demonic machines out, root and stem?

Because they literally couldn’t care less.

And that’s exactly what Newsmax’s Emerald Robinson said – and the way she explains it is very damning against the GOP.

Here’s what she said:

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“It tells you everything you need to know that after two contested elections in the last 60 days, there hasn’t been a single state controlled by the GOP that’s removed electronic voting machines and returned to paper ballots. The GOP was in on it.”

And furthermore, why wouldn’t the GOP have put up a much bigger fuss about these mail-in ballots, to begin with?

Why did officials in GA and AZ, jump into this ballot hell with both feet?


I’ll tell you why, because the GOP was in on it.

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