NYPD Police Officer Just Shared With the World What President Trump Wrote in The Official “Logbook” Today

Today marked the 20th anniversary of the 911 attacks.


Never Forget. 

And while Joe Biden made inappropriate and awkward facial expressions during a ceremony at Ground Zero – a ceremony that many of the victim’s families did not want him to attend, President Trump decided to go and hang out with some first responders in New York City.

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Trump met with NY Firefighters and the cops – he surprised them with the visit and they couldn’t have been happier to see him.

They applauded and cheered and took lots of pictures with him. It was a very special moment.

As you know, President Trump was a key figure after the attacks – NYC was his city and he was there for everyone…so it only stands to reason that he’d be there, in the same spot, 20 years later.

And after all the pics, and all the chatting, and remembering, and honoring those who died, it was time for President Trump to leave, and he signed the “logbook” before he left.

Afterward, an NYPD police officer shared with conservative pundit Jack Posobiec what President Trump wrote in that logbook.


And when you see it, I think it will make you love President Trump even more…

Take a look:

Very touching, and very true.

President Trump has always respected and supported our police and first responders.


He’s gone to bat for them, and they know it, and that’s why they were so happy to spend time with him today…he’s a true American patriot.

And on a personal note, I found this whole story to be very touching, and I really love President Trump and pray for him every day.

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