Rand Paul Posted a Picture of Himself Looking at Guns…But It’s the Caption He Wrote That Made it Go Viral

Rand Paul set the internet on fire when he posted a picture of himself in a gun store looking at a wall of guns.


Rand Paul has been on fire lately, especially with his mission to take down dirty doctor Anthony Fauci.

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Rand Paul led the way to bring Fauci down, by going after him for his “Gain of Function” research.

Fauci denied that he was funding it, but a new piece in The Intercept proves that he lied…yet, even so, he hasn’t been held accountable.

If you or I lied to Congress we’d be in jail so fast our heads would spin.

But it was Rand’s photo that has gone viral – not just because it was a cool photo, but it was his great and very true caption.


Here’s what Rand said: “Just looking at all the guns @joebiden is going to try to ban…”

How true is that? We all know Joe is “gunning” for the Second Amendment, and it’s so ironic, since he just armed the entire Taliban with billions in military equipment, thanks to his stupidity and ineptitude.


So, Joe will arm the bad guys, but he wants to disarm patriotic Americans…

And he wonders why his approval rating is in the 30s?

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