Republican Congressman Goes Missing While on a “Rogue Mission” To Rescue Americans in Afghanistan

An Oklahoma Republican congressman has gone missing in Afghanistan after going on a secret mission to rescue stranded Americans.


Reportedly, Markwayne Mullin contacted the embassy in Tajikistan attempting to move cash into Afghanistan. The amount of money requested required permission because of Tajikistan’s laws on cash limits.

The purpose of the financial transfer request was for the representative to get into Afghanistan by helicopter to rescue an American citizen, along with her four children, who were stranded in the terrorist nation after US forces left.

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The request was denied, and US Ambassador John Mark Pommersheim claimed that Mullin “threatened” him, but did not outline how.

Despite the denial, 44-year-old former MMA fighter Mullin apparently still went on the rescue mission and snuck into Afghanistan.

Although his whereabouts have not been reported, his spokesperson, Meredith Blanford, said that he’s alive and has not been captured by the Talian.

Raw Story reported that the Congressman is alive and hasn’t been captured by the Taliban. The office didn’t say where Mullin was and if he was still attempting to enter Afghanistan, but it said he is “completely safe.”


The statement went on to say that the Congressman is willing to do “anything in our power” to bring Americans home.

Mullin has never served in the military.


Mullin came under intense scrutiny after he praised Capitol Hill cop Michael Byrd for shooting and killing unarmed vet Ashli Babbitt.

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