Team Obama Just Launched Its Most Savage Attack Yet Against Biden

When the Afghanistan nightmare unfolded, nobody hit Biden harder than Team Obama.


They were coming out of the woodwork like cockroaches, crawling around all the cable news channels, ripping Biden and his team limb from limb.

It’s not really shocking though, there have been rumors for eons that Team Biden and Team Obama do not get along.

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The same rumors that you hear about Team Kamala and Team Joe not getting along.

But Team Obama isn’t done with Joe yet – as a matter of fact, it looks like all that other stuff early on was just a “warmup,” and now they’re really bringing the heat.

Daily Wire reported Michael Morell, former President Barack Obama’s Acting CIA Director, called for an investigation into the drone strike that reportedly killed a family, including several children, a few weeks ago, saying that the Biden administration owed the American public the truth about what happened.

Morell made the remarks in response to a question from CBS News host Margaret Brennan about a report in The New York Times on Friday that called into question the administration’s claims about the drone strike, noting that the man who was allegedly targeted was an aid worker for a U.S. organization.


Morell noted that the strike was not an “over the horizon” operation because the mission was carried out using assets who were on the ground in Afghanistan.

“You know, what happened here needs to be investigated,” Morell said. “And I would hope that the administration, once it does the investigation, that it tells all of us publicly exactly what happened, and if we made a mistake, why. You know, President Obama was very strong on being open about making mistakes with drone strikes. And I think this administration needs to do the same.”

When asked whether or not this was a question for the Pentagon or the CIA, Morell responded, “It’s a question for the White House.”


Many “insiders” believe that Team Obama is trying to take out Team Obama to make the “swap” happen sooner than later.

Now, obviously, I don’t know if that’s true or not, but it would explain why Team Obama keeps savaging Biden.

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