The “Woke” Olympics Are Bombing and NBC and Their Advertisers Are Now Getting Really Worried…

How many times have the American people told these activist athletes and sports teams that they don’t want social justice and politics mixed into their games?


They’ve been screaming about it for years now – and ratings have been plummeting – just ask the NFL and the NBA.

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Yet, even so, these selfish, narcissistic athletes and team owners disregard what the actual fans want and keep shoving this PC garbage down our gullets.

And when it backfires – as it always does – they claim it’s because of COVID, or some other lame excuse.

And the cycle goes on and on…

Well, the good news is, all of this sports activism is coming to a big head at The Olympics.


Even before the Olympics officially opened, activist athletes were disrespecting the country that sent them there, and the American people are sick and tired of it, and they’re not watching this communist sideshow anymore…and the advertisers are absolutely panicked as the ratings plummet.

Bizpacreview reported that NBC Universal and its advertisers are becoming worried about the success of Olympic broadcasting as TV ratings plunge and star athletes struggle, Variety reported on Tuesday.

Low TV viewing numbers and early exits from star athletes like Simone Biles and Naomi Osaka have caused anxiety from Olympic advertisers, Variety reported.

Despite beating competitors’ nightly program views, the Olympics are “clearly not what NBC, our agency or our clients were looking for,” an unnamed media buying executive told Variety.

Now, remember what I told you, how these insufferable liberals make “excuses” for why ratings are low and never admit it’s their failed woke BS?

Well, take a look at what TV execs claim is causing the plunge in ratings for The Olympics:

The “disappointing” dip in views is due to a lack of athlete storylines, absence of spectators and early morning coverage through streaming, according to the executive.

Roughly 17 million viewers tuned in for Friday’s opening ceremony, which is down 36% from the 2016 Rio Olympic numbers, according to Nielsen, Variety reported.

Sure, there may be a little of that, but deep down, they know what’s really going on. Trust me, they know.

But they can’t admit it.


Because if they say out loud that Americans are rejecting their failed progressive agenda, it’d be a huge blow to their ego and their movement.

So, they’ll sacrifice everything to keep the “woke agenda” safe. That’s how dedicated these radicals are to their cause. It’s like a “jihad” for them.

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