Things Blow Up in Alex Vindman’s Face When He Tries to Promote His New Book

Alex Vindman is finding out the hard way that literally no one cares about him.

I mean, why would they?

He had an overly hyped-up appearance during Trump’s first impeachment trial and that was about it.


And now, he’s writing a book…

That’s right, like all TDS traitors, this guy is writing a book. It’s likely how they get paid for their dirty deeds.

Why would anyone care what this guy has to say?

Well, that’s a question that Vindman is certainly asking himself at this point – he just posted on Twitter that New Yorkers are “unaware” that his book comes out this Tuesday.

Uh, it’s not just New Yorkers, buddy – nobody knows about your book – and I’d guess they don’t care either.

“I’m in NYC to begin media engagements. Taking a random poll, it seem most New Yorkers are unaware that my book is out on Tuesday, August 3 and that I’m on @CBSSunday tomorrow between 9 and 10 eastern. Help get the word out an retweet this far and wide!”

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How pathetic right? Another loser riding Trump’s coattails.

You almost feel bad for the guy…well almost…not really. He deserves to flop.

And Dinesh D’Souza just dug the knife in even deeper with this hilarious tweet:

“Alexander Vindman’s self-image takes a blow as he comes to the dismaying discovery that most people don’t know his book is coming out, and many don’t even know who he is”


It’s honestly shocking that he was even able to fill a book with his so-called “experiences.”

Well, regardless, I don’t think this stupid book will be making the “best sellers” list anytime soon. If anything, you can probably wait a week and get it out of the bargain bin for 25 cents and use it to line your cat’s litter box.

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