[VIDEO] Biden is Feeling The Heat: Watch Him Lose It With a Reporter, Turn His Back, and Walk Off

Joe Biden is the so-called “president” who is famous for the back of his fuzzy head.


That’s all we see nowadays, as he turns and walks away from questions.

It’s become a “regular thing” for him, and even more so, as his sham “presidency” crumbles around him.

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We all know that Joe isn’t capable of taking questions on the fly from reporters – this is why he is handed a list, and only calls on certain people, who’ve likely been given approved questions.

He went off that list during his last disastrous presser and called on Fox News’ Peter Doocy, and that turned into a nightmare for Biden.

Well, he seems determined not to let that happen again, so when he was asked a question about Afghanistan by a reporter Biden snapped at her, saying he wasn’t talking about Afghanistan, and turned and walked away


You can watch the video below:

Seems like all he should be talking about is Afghanistan, but as you can see Joe is becoming annoyed. He doesn’t want to discuss it anymore.

Trust me, he’d much prefer to talk about his budget or mask mandates for all the kids he likes to sniff.


The entire topic of Afghanistan appears to bore and annoy him.

“Stupid peasants, stop asking me these dumb questions…” 

Also, did you notice how Joe says “I’m not supposed to take questions…”? Don’t you wonder who’s telling him this? Who’s pulling Joe’s strings?

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