[VIDEO] Comedian Claims He Suffered “Brain Inflammation” After His Second Shot

Comedian Jimmy Dore went on Joe Rogen’s podcast to talk about his experience with the COVID vaccine.

Dore told Rogan that he experienced some very bad side effects after taking his second shot.

The experts say anyone having severe adverse reactions to the vaccine are in the minority – they say the vast majority of people are fine.


Mr. Dore told Joe that he and his wife both experienced the same type of side effects after their second shots in April.

The duo dealt with more normal type stuff like stiff necks on the same side as their injection. However, while his wife’s neck stiffness went away, his got worse and began spreading to his entire neck.

He then started developing more symptoms. He had body aches, fever, joint aches, exhaustion, and the most frightening of all…inflammation of his brain.

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Dore said when he tried to talk about what he was going through, he was attacked and called “anti-vax.”

Dore was devastated.

He told Joe, “when people have a reaction to an experimental vaccine that is not FDA approved, you’re supposed to NOT suppress their reactions.”


Here’s the full interview:

[embedded content]


Mr. Dore is right. This is America. People should be allowed to talk about what’s happening to them, both good and bad with the vaccine.

In all my years, I’ve never heard of people being “silenced” for sharing experiences that happened to them that don’t “align” with the people in the White House.

That’s not “American,” that’s something China would do.

If someone wants to share a negative experience that could help someone else, then let them share it. Don’t censor them or bully them. Just listen and offer support, like normal human beings do.

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