[VIDEO] Dinesh Connects Dots Between Big Tech and Fake News Like Nobody Else Can…

Today’s “resistance” is not really a “resistance” at all.


It’s a corporate/establishment movement – it’s actually the type of movement that people have resisted throughout history.

The real “resistance” are people who fight corporate power – they don’t embrace the “establishment” and pretend like they’re running a “grassroots” uprising. It’s just about the silliest thing I’ve ever heard.

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And that’s where we are now – the “resist” crowd consists of establishment Dems, Deep State, Corporate America, Hollywood, Academia, Big Tech, media, and a host of others, and they’re all working together to silence dissenters.

It’s communism. 

But as Dinesh puts it – what we’re seeing now is a “digital book burning” and people like Brian Stelter of CNN are dancing around the flames – what a gross visual that is, right?

You can watch the video below:

This is not a “resistance” movement – it’s a power-crazed establishment movement. All of the people who claim to be fighting for the “little guy,” are actually big corporate shills and Wall Street suckups – the farthest thing from the “working man.”


 But right now, they control pretty much everything – except small business America – which they’re trying to control with the lockdowns.

Now, you start to see how all of this is working, right?


And don’t be fooled. The GOP is in on it too.

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