[VIDEO] “F Joe Biden” Chant is Getting Sophisticated, One College Football Crowd Has Added “Instruments”

It’s another weekend, so that means, the “F Joe Biden” chant is making its way around the country.


There are so many of these videos out now, that if I were to do a story on each, we’d be here all night watching “F Biden” chants.

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So, now, I have to pick and choose the ones that have something “new” and interesting to offer…and I think I found one.

It looks like the F Joe Biden chant has gotten more sophisticated because at one college game they’ve added cowbells to the chant, which really livens it up and adds a new “flavor,” if you will.

And like I always say….MORE COWBELL!


You can watch the video below:

Here’s what people online are saying about this latest round of chants:

“I love that the F Joe Biden chant now has instruments LOL”

“The cowbell is a really nice touch” 

“The most popular president of all time, ladies and gentlemen”

“How do you get 81 million votes and 8 months later the entire country is telling you to F off? LOL how does that work?” 

“Gee guys, I’m starting to think that 80 million number might not be right”

“So, does everybody still think this clam got 81 million votes?” 

“By God, Biden has united the country.”

“Yea I think Biden goose is cooked. No doubt he is now the worst prez ever”

This was another chant from today, and I gotta say, it’s so loud and booming, so I thought this one might be interesting for ya’ll to see.


I think that one person was right…Joe Biden really has united the country!

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