[VIDEO] Gold Star Father Shares Shocking New Details About Joe “Checking His Watch” During Dignified Transfer

A father whose son was killed in Kabul, thanks to Joe Biden’s ineptitude, stupidity, and cowardice, appeared on Sean Hannity to discuss his thoughts about Biden, the Afghanistan withdrawal, and the Dignified Transfer.


Gold Star Father Darin Hoover lost his son Taylor Hoover in the ISIS suicide bombing that took 13 of our brave heroes.

He told Sean that he and his family refused to meet with Joe Biden, he said that wanted no part of seeing him, or hearing anything from him.

Can you blame them?

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And then Sean mentioned how Joe Biden appeared to look at his watch…and that’s when Mr. Hoover dropped a bomb.

Mr. Hoover told Sean Hannity that Joe didn’t just look at his watch once, Mr. Hoover said he did it repeatedly.

He said it happened every time a body was brought out.


You can watch the video below:

One of the things this godforsaken Afghanistan nightmare has revealed is the callous, cold heart of Joe Biden.

How many times have we watched him laugh, and make jokes when asked questions about Americans abandoned in Afghanistan, and how he turns his back and walks away, blames everyone but himself, and callously left Americans behind in a hell hole, where they will most likely die.


And now this – just more proof that this man Joe Biden is only out for himself.

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