[VIDEO] Gov Murphy Goes Berserk Screaming at Vax Hecklers During Press Conference

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy just lost his marbles during a presser.


He was heckled by Americans who don’t want to inject themselves with the COVID vaccine.

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I often wonder, what would this country do if we had to face down the black plague or something similar to Small Pox? People would literally be in the streets running around like chickens with their heads cut off.

I have had COVID. Twice. The first time I caught it, I was really sick. The second time, about a year later, it was virtually nothing.

So, I definitely believe COVID is real – but I also believe that the survival rate is 99.8% on average and that even moderately healthy people are usually fine.

It’s the elderly and obese that are having the most difficulty, and they should likely take the vaccine.

But a lot of people are having a hard time understanding why the healthy should be locked down one minute and then forced to take a vax the next.

Especially from a government that seems confused and lost and is flip-flopping all over the place – not to mention all our so-called leaders who don’t even follow their own rules.

Yet, the elites don’t want to take responsibility for their own failures and instead blame the American people.

Call the uvaccinated “monsters” and “killers.”


And that’s exactly the same type of energy NJ’s Governor Phil Murphy had during a press conference when he got push-back from Americans that don’t want the vaccine.

Murphy goes totally bonkers and calls them “knuckleheads.”

You can watch the video below:

[embedded content]

A lot of people are digging their heels in even deeper, the more these elites attack and berate them over not wanting to take the vaccine.


And I don’t blame them.

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