[VIDEO] Joe Biden Just Personally Insulted All Unvaccinated Americans With Nasty Jab

It seems like Biden can’t stop destroying himself and as a result, the country.

Clearly, the guy is at the end of his rope mentally and professionally, and the way that he’s running this COVID situation is a complete and total mess.


And speaking of the COVID mess, my guess is that Biden at least has an inkling that it’s unraveling all around him, with confusing messaging, sagging vaccine rates, and politicians and the media literally “bullying” and “browbeating” Americans to take a vaccine that they don’t trust, from an administration they don’t believe in.

Biden took a big jab (pun intended) at unvaccinated Americans by insulting their intelligence, stating “you’re not nearly as smart as I thought you were.”

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Yeah, Joe, TRUST ME, we feel the same way about you buddy.

Check it out:


Someone in Biden’s cabinet really needs to have a “come to Jesus” moment with him.

Because at this point, it’s not clear how much longer Joe has until he suffers a major mental breakdown.

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