[VIDEO] Joe’s Latest 5-Seconds of Talking Are So Creepy, His Poll Numbers Might Go Even Lower

Just when you thought Biden couldn’t become any more creepy, he goes and pulls a stunt like this.


During a recent Labor Day event, Biden threw off quite a few people when he started bizarrely whispering for no apparent reason during his speech.

I am not sure why this guy always starts whispering, but it’s really off-putting and creepy.

As most of you know, Joe Biden has a lecherous past reputation, both with women and young girls.

We’ve all seen the endless videos of Joe nuzzling and sniffing women and girls…it was even an issue during his campaign.

So, watching this old man, creep-whisper into a microphone is beyond disturbing.


Watch the video:

[embedded content]

Oh, but it didn’t stop there…

He also took some desperate jabs at Trump and made some strange comments about his wife Jill Biden.

[embedded content]

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Pretty bizarre, right?

Of course, if you were to ask the media this behavior is completely fine and he’s only whispering to try and capture more engagement.

From The Associated Press

The White House and communications experts say Biden’s whispering is just this veteran politician’s old-school way of trying to make a connection while emphasizing a point.

Biden’s critics on the right as well as some late-night TV talk show hosts say the whispers are “creepy” and “weird.” Conservatives use the dramatic soft talk to fuel the narrative that the Democratic president is unfit for the job, and comedians deploy it to generate laughs.

“It’s an intimate form of communication,” said Vanessa Beasley, associate professor of communication studies at Vanderbilt University.

Biden whispered some of his answers to reporters’ questions during an impromptu White House news conference last month after he and a group of Senate Republicans announced they had reached a deal to spend $973 billion on rebuilding the nation’s infrastructure.

As he stood in the East Room, Biden was questioned about his timeline for providing additional financial help to families. He leaned in, eyes wide, and whispered: “I got them $1.9 trillion in relief so far. They’re going to be getting checks in the mail that are consequential.”

During a lengthy response to a separate question, he whispered, “I wrote the bill,” before bending down to get closer to the microphone and adding, “on the environment.”


It’s really sad that they’re trying to pass this off as some form of “heightened communication.”

Quite honestly it looks more like the mumbling of a senile creep than anything else, and if he keeps it up his taking polls numbers might go even lower.

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