[VIDEO] Kamala “Cackles” As Reporters Ask Her About Americans Trapped in Afghanistan

Kamala Harris wants you to know that the Biden admin’s “top priority” is Afghanistan.


Of course, she said this while in Vietnam – and also while cackling her guts up.

As Kamala got off the plane in Vietnam, a trip she didn’t bother to cancel in light of the chaos and hellscape unfolding in Afghanistan, thanks to her and her inept, dementia-riddled boss, a reporter started shouting out ONE question about Afghanistan and the stranded Americans left behind, and Kamala, who always appears to be caught completely off-guard, started CACKLING like crazy, in this “whoa, whoa, one question at a time” way – when there was literally only ONE question thrown her way.

It was not some “chaotic” press moment at all.

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That nervous laugh of hers is a sure sign that she’s completely out of her league.

There was literally nothing funny happening at that moment, and she was not being “bombarded” at all, but there was she was, cackling like a Disney villain.

Jenna Ellis, President Trump’s loyal attorney correctly points out that Kamala will literally cackle about anything.


You can watch the video below:

One of Kamal’s biggest issues is that she comes off so incredibly phony.

And this constant belly-laughing over nothing is part of that phoniness.


Why can’t this woman just be solemn and serious when the moment calls for that type of reaction?

I’ll tell you why: Because she’s a nervous wreck, who knows she’s in over her head, and that nervous cackle is her way of coping with a situation that he knows she can’t handle.

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