[VIDEO] Many Are Floored When Biden Laughs and Makes Goofy Faces When Asked About Stranded Americans

I’m gonna remind everyone of something – and pardon the language, please…just bear with me here…


Joe Biden has always been a cocky, arrogant asshole.

Many people have forgotten this because the media has painted him as “compassionate Uncle Joe,” and he’s got a raging case of Alzheimer’s, but before his “media makeover” Joe spent his 200 years in DC being a full-on jerk.

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Remember how he acted during the VP debate with Paul Ryan?

Look, I am no fan of that shmuck Ryan, but Biden was a maniac.

Joe is a pit bull and a scrapper with a fighting persona and a razor-sharp tongue that could’ve possibly given President Trump a run for his money back in the day.

It’d have been fun to watch.

But Biden was never like President Trump. Trump is a counter-puncher, and he’s got a good heart. Biden was just an arrogant, cold-hearted jerk who let power go his head. A braggart, who thinks he’s better than everyone else – even the people who elected him.

And the reason that I am reminding you all of this is because even though Biden’s brain has turned to mush, every once in a while you’ll still catch glimmers of “old Biden” in there…and that brings us to something that happened today.

While being asked questions about the stranded Americans in Afghanistan, that old “cocky a-hole” came flooding back out…

Biden is so angry that he has to answer to all of us peasants, that when he was asked about what will happen to Americans who are not rescued by 8/31, he made some goofy “smirky” faces and then laughed…

The WH then quickly cut the feed, thinking we wouldn’t know what smart-alec answer he gave to the NBC reporter – but, don’t worry – we know.


Take a look at how this all unfolded:

People were horrified at that part, without even knowing what Joe said to the reporter yet…I’ll show you that in a minute.

Here’s what people said about the goofy smirk and laugh:

“That smirk should comfort the families of any Americans trapped in Afghanistan. “

“This guy literally thinks this a funny joke” 

“Is it the dementia, or is he just an asshole?” 

“I can’t tell you how angry this old geezer makes me. Shameful response.” 

“I have heard the audio of people crying and begging for help, and this clown laughs at them?” 

“This jackass belongs in an assisted living facility now.” 

Now, let me tell you what he said to the NBC reporter that the WH didn’t want you to hear.

Biden cracked a joke, telling the NBC reporter that he’d be the “first person” he would call when 8/31 comes and Americans are still left in Afghanistan.

That’s what Joe was smirking and chuckling about….can you believe it?

Here’ what NBC reporter Peter Alexander said: “I asked President Biden what he will do if Americans are still in Afghanistan after the 8/31 deadline. His response: “You’ll be the first person I call.” Took no questions.

Here are some of the comments (warning language):

“Thats YOUR FKING fake ass president YOU helped install, NBC!!! Have fun waiting for your phone call asswipe !!! YOU ALL (Commie Jurnos) have blood on your hands !!! Enjoy”

“Hey, NBC, You guys wanted the fool…enjoy him.”  

“What a fucking piece of shit jackass. Bring back Trump already. This circus sucks.”

“Worst president of my lifetime”

“You voted for this senile degenerate, Pete. He’s basically like having a juvenile delinquent as POTUS. You and your fellow media activists own it. Enjoy.”

“Wow. This is so disrespectful.” 


So, there you have it.

That’s the “old arrogant/a-hole Joe” we all remember from years ago, rearing his now-fuzzy, angry little head once again.

Joe is everything that the left claimed Trump was – a mean, hateful man, who lashes out and has no compassion.

President Trump is none of those things – Biden is all of them.

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