[VIDEO] New Liberal Cohost On “The Five” Just Got The “Juan Williams” Treatment

As you likely know by now, Juan Willams finally left “The Five.”


It was a long time coming…and a relief to many loyal viewers who felt like they had put up with enough of Juan’s liberal idiocy.

But, when one liberal loon leaves, another is always standing on deck ready to take their place – after all, the key to keeping shows like ‘The Five” going is that “good vs evil” concept. We love to watch our “heroes” take down the villain. It’s kinda like WWE wrestling. It’s all scripted and pre-plotted out, but we love it anyway.

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And in keeping with that theme, the new ‘stand-in’ liberal, who is helping out while they look for a permanent replacement for Juan, just got raked over the coals by the conservatives on the panel when she tired defending crack-head and money-launderer Hunter Biden.

She got the ol’ “Juan Williams” treatment!

Bizpacreview reported that during a discussion on Fox News’ “The Five,” the four conservative co-hosts all agreed with Obama-era Office of Government Ethics Director Walter Shaub, who’s been extremely critical of Hunter Biden’s newfound “career” in art — and for good reason.

Hunter has long faced substantive allegations that he’s a swindler and hustler who repeatedly exploited his connections to the White House to benefit himself financially. In fact, similar allegations have plagued many members of the Biden family.

And so for him to suddenly start selling so-called “artwork” for prices as high as $500,000 raises massive concerns about ethics. As recently noted by Shaab, it provides “a perfect mechanism” for a Clinton-esque “pay-to-play” scheme.


But the fifth co-host, liberal commentator Jessica Tarlov, sees things differently.

The only thing Tarlov conceded was that Hunter shouldn’t be meeting with any prospective art buyers.

“I do not think he should be meeting donors. There had to be a way to execute this where it would be completely private and maybe it gets found out four, eight years from now,” she said.

Notice her odd use of the word “donors” instead of “prospective art buyers.”

After that minor admission, Tarlov then reverted to defending Hunter, arguing that he “has to be able to work.”

Co-host Jesse Watters wasn’t impressed by this argument and he made sure Jessica knew it…

You can watch the video below:

It’s a pretty big stretch to compare a family of well-known business people to a random crackhead who’s accused of selling “access” to his VP dad years ago, who is now suddenly the “hottest” artist in town.


Give me a break.

Again, we all know what’s happening here – we can see it clearly – Hunter’s getting rich again off his Dad’s power and position – and we all know that nothing will be done about it because Hunter was born with “Biden Privilege” and he can get away with absolutely anything under the sun.

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