[VIDEO] Outrage Over Clip From Pelosi’s Elite Napa Event, Where Only “Servants” Are Masked

A clip has come out from the Napa Valley festival where Nancy Pelosi is speaking, and it has a lot of people downright disgusted.


There are a lot of reasons people are irked – some are angry that all of these stuffy, rich elites are gathered for this pricey meal, while thousands of Americans are stranded behind enemy lines.

That’s a good reason to be disgusted.

People are also getting sick and tired of seeing these smug elites, who seem to have no concern when it comes to COVID, flaunting their riches and freedoms while us peasants are told to mask up, stay inside, and close our business.

Another good reason to be fed up and mad.

The middle class is being ravaged by this virus, but the elites seem to be just fine.

COVID definitely feels like a “class warfare virus,”  and that’s another problem with Pelosi’s fancy luncheon…


As you will see, every one of her rich Napa Valley friends is mask-free and seated right next to one another – a supposed big “no-no” according to Dems, and something they tell us we shouldn’t do – but pay attention to the servants who are waiting on all the elites.

They’re all masked up.


That’s not a good look.

You can watch the video below:

The optics here are just terrible.

Here is what people online are saying:

“So the only people asked to wear masks are the servers? All animals are equal But some animals are more equal than others”

“Let them eat cake, while you beg for crumbs” 

“Democrat elites are not the least bit scared of COVID” 

“Does anyone find it shocking that only the brown servants are wearing masks? Because I know I sure do”. 

“Peasants masked and muzzled. Elite open mouthed and dining.”

“Those diversity quotas sure do go out the window when comes to those at the top.”

“I’m guessing at least half of them have strong border wall around their neighborhoods.”

“the way the servers have to wear masks is disgusting.”

“Masks for “The Help” only.”

“Let me guess, more sophisticated vaccinated people.” 

“Hmm, where are the masks? Servers have them, but I guess the chair protects them.” 

“This is class warfare on display, for everyone to see”

“I ask you all again…why are we listening to these fucking people? STOP” 

“I am a Democrat, and even I can see that this is not a  good look” 

No, this isn’t a “good look.”

It’s just more of what we’ve been seeing this entire time with COVID…the elites live one way, while we’re told to live another.

I don’t know how many more ways these people can prove that they don’t believe the “fear porn” that they’re peddling, but at some point, Americans will get sick of being played for fools and stand up for themselves.


After all, the political elites work for us – not the other way around.

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