[VIDEO] Sky News Reports Stunningly Horrific News From Inside Kabul Airport “Today is Worst Day By Far” 

While Joe Biden is on yet another vacation – yes, after some back and forth, he finally decided to go on vacation to Delaware – the Afghanistan situation is turning into the worst hellscape ever.


According to Sky News, today – Saturday – is the worst day thus far.

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Tens of thousands of people are being crushed – Taliban forces are beating people in the crowd with canes, children are sick and starving, and the Sky News foreign correspondent calls the scene literally “horrendous,” and says even the most seasoned and hardened military men are calling the situation at Kabul airport the worst thing they’ve seen in their life.

You can watch the video below:

There is also a lot of gunfire at the airport. I’ve seen video of many people being shot and killed in the crowd – and I won’t share that video, it’s so godawful – I wish I hadn’t seen it.


There are also several credible reports that ISIS is outside of the airport, which many are saying is why the Kabul US Embassy is telling Americans to stay away and not come to the airport.

We’re also seeing reports that Taliban goons are confiscating passports from Americans.


Joe Biden has been wrong about everything and the Americans still stuck there appear to be in a hostage situation.

We need Biden to resign or get thrown out of the White House by the scuff of his neck, before things get even worse than they already are.

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