[VIDEO] Terry McAullife Mocked For Pandering to Virginia Voters With a “Southern Twang” That’d Make Hillary Proud

Tery McAuliffe is one of the most shameless, phony, sleazeball politicians out there.


He was bred in Syracuse New York and lived his life in the DC swamp – but now that he’s running for governor of Virginia, and he’s meeting with “country folk,” he’s talking like a country bumpkin…to, ya know, “fit in.”

What a jerk.

This shouldn’t be surprising, since Terry is also famous for his “fake bbq” video.

Remember this clip from the 4th of July?

Here’s “regular guy” Terry flipping burgers on an unlit BBQ, with his unopened beer, and wearing a “US flag shirt” that still has the creases in it from the packaging.

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Terry’s just like you and me. Totally normal guy, right?

Give me a break.

Well, he’s back at it…This time taking a cue from his good friend Hillary and pandering with a terrible fake accent.


Yep, the second Terry gets out of the city and into the country, he makes sure that he sounds like Boss Hogg, and boy did he get mocked for it.

You can watch the video below:

Here’s what people online are saying:

“why do you suddenly have a southern twang? is everything you do, including your BBQs, fake?”

“What the heck is with the accent? LOL”

“You are so nauseatingly fake. Provid’n? Went up that thing like a squirrel? Gunna go huntn tomorry morn? Did Hillary teach you how to be a pandering fraud, or does it just come naturally to you?”


“Maybe they can help you get that grill started.”

“Wow, that “these folks are providin’ all the electricity” in the first 10 seconds is absolutely absurd. Picked it up in the DC suburbs?”


These politicians are such a joke.

This pandering stuff may have worked back in the 90s, but nowadays, with social media, and the ability to publically mock these pandering fools, not so much.

But, like with everything else, our nation’s politicians are out of touch with everyday Americans and lack any and all self-awareness.

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