[VIDEO] Watch How Stunned This Aussie News Anchor is Over Biden’s CNN Town Hall

If you didn’t watch Joe Biden’s CNN Town Hall, you’re in the vast majority –  it turns out only a meager 1.4 million Americans tuned in to see that trainwreck – and honestly, that embarrassing low number seems awfully “high” to me…


However, after the complete dumpster fire that unfolded, I’m sure Biden’s Handlers are relieved that 79 million+ of Biden’s devoted supporters opted to tune out.

How can the most beloved and popular “president” in the history of our nation only pull in a paltry 1.4 million people? Well, nobody really has an answer for that question – we’re just supposed to ignore it and pretend it’s normal.

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And that seems to be a “theme” with the disastrous Biden admin and our shameless propaganda media…just ignore it, pretend it’s normal, and hope it goes away.

That’s what the Dems and their media flunkies all did when that “Alzheimer’s nightmare” unfolded on Wednesday night.

And as they ignored the horror that we all saw with our own eyes during that town hall, the foreign press was looking on in utter shock.

Just take a look at how flabbergasted this Sky News anchor was over Joe’s “dementia-like” performance, and how literally nobody called him out on that or on the dangerous lies and misinformation he spewed on COVID and the vaccine.


You can watch the video below:

The world is literally laughing at us and wondering how on earth our joke of a media can allow this Bumbling Biden nonsense to go on.

And trust me, those of us here in the US aren’t laughing.


We have a geriatric ice-cream licker in the White Housse, who should be in a memory care ward. It’s a scary time for the United States, and God only knows if we’ll make it out of this nightmare in one piece.

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