[VIDEO] We Wonder How This Line About Joe Got Past the MSNBC Censors 

The media shocked everyone when they came out swinging against Joe Biden and the disastrous Afghanistan mess.


Many wondered why? Did the media have a sudden change of heart and decide to actually report the “truth?”

Well, yes and no.

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This was the type of global situation that everyone all over the world would be breathlessly reporting on, so the US media couldn’t control the propaganda, especially before the White House got their messaging straight. And the White House couldn’t get their messaging straight until the initial chaos settled down.

So, the US media kinda didn’t have a choice but to report it straight.

And as a result, Americans got a taste of the “truth” and what an epic failure Joe Biden truly is, and they turned on him.


And now, the media is in the same type of predicament when it comes to reporting on Joe’s “sinking” approval ratings…and that’s where MSNBC comes in.

It’s one thing to report on the drop, but boy, MSNBC really stabbed Joe in the back with one line that we’re a little surprised made its way past the liberal censors.

Here’s the line:


“President Biden’s approvals are sinking fast…”

You’d maybe expect something like this from the liberal media: “President Biden’s struggling in the polls after the Afghanistan withdrawal”

Not “sinking fast…”

Very interesting.

You can watch the video below:

[embedded content]

Let’s put it this way, Joe’s numbers are so bad that the fake news media can’t cover for him anymore.

I saw one poll that had Joe at like 47 percent, and then I looked at the crosstabs and it was a D+14.


That’s the lengths they’re having to go through to carry water for Joe Biden…Trust me, it’s gonna be a long 3 years for these hacks.

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