[VIDEO] What Dan Scavino Just Tweeted is The #1 Reason DC Establishment is Freaking Out

Yesterday’s DC march was successful for one main reason:


It scared the crap out of the establishment.

Tump showed the world a small fraction of his army, and it was both impressive and ominous for them to see.

The issue for the establishment now is that a huge chunk of Americans believe with all of their heart and soul that the 2020 election was a fraud and there’s nothing that can be done to change that.

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And you can’t blame these people, the way this entire sham was handed was a mess top to bottom.

Had they used even a modicum of transparency, this could have gone a different way. If they showed even the least bit of compassion or care that millions of Americans were pissed and felt disenfranchised this raging bonfire of unrest could have been quelled some.

But they didn’t. They behaved like smug “Let Them Eat Cake” elitists and ignored the “peasants” and rammed Biden through…and now they’re shocked that Americans are lashing out.

Are these government officials and media people arrogant, clueless, or just plain dumb? It’s hard to tell at this point because the anger from Americans seems really, really obvious.

But these elitists seem genuinely shocked that Americans are angry – I just don’t get how you can be this out-of-touch…even if you don’t agree with Trump supporters, fine, I get that, but surely you can at least “grasp” the terrible situation that’s been cultivated, right?


They are just complete and total ding-a-lings.

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But they’re scared ding-a-lings because now they see the power and at least “recognize” that Americans are mad – even if they can’t understand why – and they’re doing everything they can to silence everyone…again…because that worked so well last time, right? 🙄

They’ve basically turned off President Trump – his social media has been silenced “indefinitely.” They actually think that will stop the movement of millions.


It actually only makes matters more heated and combustible. When will these people learn?

And speaking of Trump, his trusted and loyal aide Dan Scavino shared a video that perfectly sums up exactly what the establishment and the media are so scared of.

Look at this crowd…it’s only a tiny fraction of the fed-up Americans.


This is an army of people – an epic force who are so angry and feel so cheated and beaten down by their government.

And it’s not going to just go away.

Not this time. They’ve pushed things too far.


What exactly will happen is still anyone’s guess – but the American spirit can’t be squashed like a bug – that’s not who we are. It’s better to let people speak out, and air how they feel, then silence or ignore them. That tactic only makes matters worse…but that’s the road we’re traveling down now, with the communist left.

If they don’t like what you say, they just silence you.

But doo they really “silence” you? Or do they “radicalize” you?

That’s the $10K question…

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