[VIDEO] Young White Girl “Radicalized” by Left’s “Race Division” Gets Kind Advice From Conservative Black Woman

This could be one of the best videos you’ll see all week.

A young white girl is shown in this video talking about being an “ally” to minorities.

This is a common phrase we hear from the “woke” left, especially at BLM events, where white people literally think their presence alone is what “validates” BLM.

It’s actually a really demeaning and racist mindset – it’s basically saying to black people, “I’ll take care of this for you because you can’t handle it on your own.”

It’s a superiority complex.

And that’s exactly what a conservative black woman in this video so artfully explains to this very confused young white girl.


The woman explains that it’s a slap in the face that white people believe they must “help” someone based on just her skin color.

She makes her point beautifully and does it with kindness, which I think is lacking a lot in today’s divided world.

You can watch the video below:

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That was a great example of how to really educate people and make a difference. Here’s what people online are saying:

“People are people, I’ve lost many of friends in my life due to race items popping up. Here lately I don’t understand why the hate of the past consuming the children of today. I dated and wanted to marry other races but they couldn’t get past my being white. 🤗”

“So I went to the doctor a few months ago and the nurse had a BLM mask on… She starts asking how I’m doing and I said I’m fine. And she goes, “as fine as you can be as a woman of color, am I right?” And continues to go on and on. I was FLOORED. These people are idiots.”

“This lady. Is more beautiful every time she speaks. Well spoken and obviously does not care for any narratives or gaslighting. Stand your ground. Live your life. Think for yourself. All beautiful qualities. This is Savannah. Be like Savannah.”

“Savvy is SO right! White liberal wokeness is just them feeling superior & feeling bad about it. White liberals are the MOST racist people on earth.”


This is really white privileged in a nutshell.

Entitled liberals just love to use their position as a way to “save” those who they see as being beneath them.

It’s incredibly insulting.

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